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Nowacka-Isaksson, Anna

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 16/10/2008

Lamenting their woes in chorus

The conservative daily Rzeczpospolita comments on an international project in which the citizens of a number of cities are complaining about their problems in chorus - literally. "The bad weather, the fiance who turns out to be a failure, or a shortage of money - people anywhere in the world have enough reasons to be frustrated. But instead of having a private moan it's much better to do it collectively. The first choir whose members began lamenting their woes in chorus was formed in the British city of Birmingham three years ago. ... And soon people in Budapest, Melbourne, Singapore, Chicago and Wroclaw began singing about their depressing existence as well. ... Every nation thinks it is the only one with something to complain about. And although we all complain just as much it's always for different reasons. The inhabitants of St. Petersburg, for instance, are fed up with having to wait so long for a visa, while women in Singapore are annoyed because the high level of humidity ruins their hairdos."

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