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Novkov, Mitko

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Sega - Bulgaria | 20/04/2009

Bulgarians' internal exile

The daily Sega writes that just like under the socialist regime, many Bulgarians are now going into a sort of inner exile. Today, however, they take refuge in Internet forums and foreign television: "These are people who allegedly live in Bulgaria, but not entirely. They have sought out other territories where they can exist, allowing them to enjoy a distant life off the beaten path, far from the problems of Bulgarian reality. ... So much the better, many would say. Because Bulgarian politics and issues are no longer our affair, but depend on the policies and decisions of the EU Commission. Nevertheless these are all applied locally, and if you're blind and deaf to how they're applied in practice, the European practices take on a local colour. Bulgaria remains in the Orient, and is not getting any closer to the developed countries."

Kultura - Bulgaria | 20/01/2009

Great Reading

In a campaign called "Great Reading", Bulgarian citizens selected their favourite literature on national television: "Viewers who participated in 'Great Reading' prefer sentimental novels, adventure stories, thick tomes on history and children's books. Cinema, the literary canon and nostalgia for lost youth and childhood clinched the results of this selection. ... Many books were on the list because they reinforced people's sense of opposition during the times of socialism - people read a lot under socialism, among other things to reassure themselves that the reality of their lives was indeed idiotic. If the truth isn't printed by newspapers, people look for it in books. And even today 'Great Reading' offers an alternative, nowadays to our accelerated lifestyle."

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