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Novák, Attila

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hvg - Hungary | 24/08/2010

Attila Novák criticises Hungary's unsavoury business culture

Hungary's work culture and social culture are in deep trouble, Attila Novák, chief analyst of the political research institute Méltányosság, concludes in the online edition of the left-liberal weekly Heti Világgazdaság: "As regards the work culture and social culture I see a lack of healthy competition as the major problem. ... The most extreme anomalies can be observed in relations between work colleagues. The average Hungarian spends a considerable amount of his time elbowing his colleagues, bullying and scheming. At local syndicates a huge amount of energy is wasted on rivalries, checking out the enemy and sucking up to the boss. ... The picture is pretty much the same when it comes to competition between companies. Companies see market competition as a battle between good and evil. Here, too, a climate of mistrust prevails. Tricks are often employed to outsmart the competitors and there are malicious lawsuits. ... The answer to the question of whether a change in attitude is necessary in Hungary is a clear 'yes'. Whether Hungary's everyday culture is at all capable of change is another matter."

Komment - Hungary | 08/12/2009

Faith not the same as terror

What the ban on minarets in Switzerland shows above all else is how afraid people are of all things foreign, writes the historian and journalist Attila Novák on the opinion page "As far as European Islam is concerned we have the choice between Scylla and Charybdis, that is between total integration and total rejection. Before the background of historical examples in Europe I would like to caution those journalists and publicists in whose heads Islamic terror organisations and peaceful Muslims are frequently inseparable, and who consequently tend to associate Islamism with the entire Islamic community. ... The minaret law in Switzerland won't stop radical Muslims from spreading their doctrines. ... The law clearly demonstrates how prevalent fears of things foreign are, and that certainly does not bode well for the future."

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