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Norman, Matthew

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 29/07/2014

Cameron fishing in far-right waters

British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged on Tuesday to tighten the immigration laws, cut social benefits for immigrants and introduce an "immigration system that puts Britain first". The left-liberal daily The Independent sees this as a coldly calculated sharpening of his rhetoric: "However depressing the vision of a once relatively civilised Tory descending into such brutishness, this is good politics. Assuaging the paranoid fears and courting the xenophobia of those who dislike foreigners is about as crude an anti-Ukip ploy as there could be, and will pay a dividend at the polls. If Mr Cameron cannot win cleanly, he has clearly prepared to win ugly. ... There must be a part of him - the better part of him - that guiltily recoils from the transaction as he sells the remnants of his compassionate Conservative soul to vicious sledgehammer campaigning."

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