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Nordmann, François

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Le Temps - Switzerland | 20/12/2011

London for now unwilling to back euro rescue

The EU wants to boost IMF funding for indebted Eurozone countries by 200 billion euros, but the UK announced on Monday that it won't pay its share. The conflict with the British is not however a serious problem in the eyes of the liberal daily Le Temps: "The year has taken an unexpected turn with the crisis between France and the UK, but in a way this crisis is trivial. Every ten years the two sea powers fight a psychological duel. ... In a couple of months a solution will be found, bridges will be rebuilt or a rescue ring thrown and they will reconcile. A compromise will be worked out ensuring that neither side loses face and cooperation can be resumed. No one wants to give the UK, a country that guarantees liberalism and balance, the boot. ... And the British prime minister will pluck up the courage to defy the most truculent eurosceptics."

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