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Nord, Cristina

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 24/02/2009

Global cynicism

According to the left-leaning daily die tageszeitung the eight Oscars won by "Slumdog Millionaire" show above all that globalisation has found its place on the silver screen. "It's as difficult today to define culture and entertainment as national products as it is to do the same with cars, canned tomatoes and computers. Anyone who prides themselves on telling a national story from a national perspective comes across as a total anachronism. ... However that doesn't mean globalised cultural products are beyond criticism. ... Sometimes the result of global effort turns out to be very ugly - for example Stephen Daldry's ... film 'The Reader'. The director is an Englishman, the novel is by the German author Bernhard Schlink. ... The actors are American, English and German. All that's lacking is sensitivity for the multi-layered subject matter. 'The Reader' forces people to feel sympathy for a former concentration camp guard instead of taking offence at her murderous actions. That is above all one thing: globalised cynicism."

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