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Norberg, Johan

Freier Autor und der konservativen Gedankenschmiede Timbro nahe stehender Journalist

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Metro - Sweden | 05/12/2012

Wasteful EU doesn't deserve prize

The European Union will receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on Monday. To mark the occasion the free newspaper Metro looks back on the failed budget negotiations and criticises Brussels for spending recklessly: "The importance of [the EU funding] is often explained with history, for example by pointing to the support for the French agricultural sector after the war. But should we be giving power and money to an institution that cannot put an end to the extravagance, and that ceased to have any function 50 years ago? Those who say yes should remember that the entire European Parliament with all its MPs and staff as well as 350 tonnes of files transfers from Brussels to Strasbourg once a month to sit for a week. That might sound funny, but it's a reality that costs 1.5 billion [Swedish kronor, equivalent to 170 million euros] and generates 19,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year."

Metro - Sweden | 23/05/2012

Swedes not boozed-up barbarians after all

Following Sweden's EU accession in 1995 alcohol consumption first rose and then returned to almost the same level as before the country joined, a recent study commissioned by the conservative think-tank Timbo shows. This means the fears that cheap alcohol from the EU would turn the Swedes into a nation of drinkers have proved unfounded, writes the free newspaper Metro: "For decades, the authorities regarded the Swedes as potential barbarians who would burn down red houses, hit little children and swear at the slightest opportunity. We would spend hours queuing up at the alcohol monopoly stores, which closed when people had days off. The customs officers searched the dirty washing of people returning from holidays for green bottles. Then the dams broke and the alcohol flowed freely - and the Swedes exchanged their canisters of illegal spirits in front of the TV for a glass of red wine at the restaurant. This proves that people who are treated like adults act like adults. Sweden became freer and merrier without turning into a hell on earth."

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