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Nonet, Erwan

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Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | 28/04/2014

European elections: EU critics lead back to Middle Ages

The right-wing populist Ukip could well become the strongest British party in the European Parliament. To slow the rise of anti-European parties, the liberal daily Le Quotidien harks back to the beginnings of the EU: "How can one forget what makes the European Union what it is, the conditions under which it came about and all its magnificent achievements? What could be better than to bring peace after chaos? Those who fulminate against Brussels would do better to push the European project forward than to rail against it all the time. ... That would be true democracy. But if the Europeans would rather go back to something like the Middle Ages in which state borders once more play an important role, then so be it. However it would be a dreadful step backwards."

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