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Noé, Jean-Baptiste

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Contrepoints - France | 22/07/2014

For Jean-Baptiste Noé Europe is good for France

The fact that France is going through difficult times should not make people forget that the country owes its current level of prosperity to the EU, historian Jean-Baptiste Noé argues on the website "The EU forced France to introduce thoroughgoing structural reforms. As a result, our country has experienced rapid development over the past 30 years. It's France's own policies, not the EU's, that are to blame for our current economic difficulties. Brussels never ordered us to impose outrageously high taxes on businesses or people who work from home, to destroy our education system or to put up obstacles to entrepreneurial freedom. Without the EU, key reforms would most likely never have taken place. Let's have the courage to admit that, and to make it clear to the public that economic liberalisation has brought huge benefits. If we don't, we shouldn't be surprised to see the Front National - as the new 'social' party - doing so well in the polls."

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