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Noblecourt, Michel

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Le Monde - France | 19/05/2011

Socialist's fight to replace DSK

The mere suspicion of attempted rape will prevent Dominique Strauss-Kahn from running for the Socialist candidacy in the French presidential elections. The outcome of the upcoming party primaries is open again, writes the left-liberal daily Le Monde: "Even if he were ultimately cleared of the grave accusations against him, the terrible images of the former minister in handcuffs, appearing with a haggard face before his American judge - this 'media death', in the words of Robert Badinter - is enough to put him out of the race. The Socialist Party must now go directly from the pre-DSK to the post-DSK era without there having been a DSK in between. ... The cards have been reshuffled and the primaries on October 9 and 16, far from merely rubber stamping what is already clear ... will be real primaries, open and uncertain, primaries that could trigger a new war of egos. Three candidates are out front: Martine Aubry, François Hollande and Ségolène Royal."

Le Monde - France | 17/07/2008

A "hot autumn" in France?

France is likely to be facing a "hot autumn", the daily Le Monde warns. The trade unions feel ridiculed by the French president and may decide to make life difficult for him: "What social game is Nicolas Sarkozy playing? ... On 5 July his allies in the National Council of the UMP gave him a standing ovation when he declared: 'From now on if there's a strike in France no-one will notice'. That is tantamount to a slap in the face for the trade unions. The social climate remains sensitive. Although it is not certain whether the autumn will be as conflict-ridden as the trade unions are promising, they may find other ways of showing how fed up and mistrustful they are. ... For example they could resort to a new weapon: striking on social compromise. They could simply refuse to reach agreement and that would put more than a small spanner in the works of the reforms."

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