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Němec, Jiří

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Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 28/01/2014

Holocaust deserves more attention

Memories of the Holocaust must also be kept alive among the younger generation, lawyer Jiří Němec writes in the liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes on International Holocaust Remembrance Day: "Racism and ethnic hatred are a threat to democracy at all times. The topic of the Holocaust should be dealt with far more thoroughly in our schools. And our children must be shown Theresienstadt and Auschwitz. How many of us have taken their children or grandchildren to Theresienstadt or Lidice in recent years? How many of us have combined a business or private trip to Munich with a visit to Dachau, the very first Nazi concentration camp? ... Just remembering the Holocaust once a year is not enough. When an old friend of mine - a teacher from Hessen - was in Prague for the first time with his pupils, the only excursion he organised outside the city was a visit to Theresienstadt."

Právo - Czech Republic | 23/05/2013

Zeman has more power than his predecessors

The Czech Republic's new president Miloš Zeman justified his repeated interventions in the day-to-day politics of his country saying that as the first directly elected head of state he carries more weight than his predecessor. The left-leaning daily Právo agrees and calls for the powers of the president to be extended: "It's not just about Zeman but about the future presidents. It was a mistake not to amend the president's constitutional rights with the introduction of direct elections because this certainly needs to be done. One can't expect a directly elected president to accept all the constitutional stipulations as they were before. Those who voted for Zeman certainly didn't expect him to just sit in the corner. It was clear that he would actively influence political events. Now that we have a directly elected president we must get used to it."

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