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Nissen, Gwyn

Editor in chief of Der Nordschleswiger

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Nordschleswiger - Denmark | 09/07/2014

Toll-free zone for German-Danish border

The planned car toll in Germany will have a negative impact on German-Danish border traffic, writes Der Nordschleswiger, the daily of the German minority in Denmark: "Such a toll won't fail to leave its mark on northern Germany: trade, tourism and culture will suffer when fewer Danes go there. Mobility and the co-existence in the German-Danish border area could also be negatively affected. Denmark and Germany strengthened their ties for decades, but what has been built up through generations may now be partly destroyed by a toll. The question is whether Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt's neighbours will be heard: we need a border solution - for example a toll-free zone on the border. To keep up good neighbourly relations."

Nordschleswiger - Denmark | 24/02/2014

Roaming fees to be scrapped at last

Those who use their mobile phones in border areas often have to pay roaming fees because they're registered with a foreign service provider. Der Nordschleswiger, the daily newspaper of the German-speaking minority in Denmark, is therefore delighted at the plans to abolish roaming fees within the EU: "Above all in the German-Danish border area the scrapping of roaming fees will trigger cries of joy. No more welcome calls when they drive over the border or getting stuck in expensive calls on our neighbour's network. Although the business sector in particular had being complaining about this for years, the telephone companies never reacted but just went on cashing in on the calls. ... Now the EU has stepped in to help. If the proposal that has now been negotiated between the European Commission and the EU Parliament is passed, roaming fees will be scrapped entirely as of 15 December 2015. That would bring down another barrier in the border area and pave the way for boundless telephoning."

Nordschleswiger - Denmark | 30/10/2013

Church should adjust its opening hours

In view of the dwindling number of churchgoers bishops in Denmark have given their parishes permission to hold their church services on other days of the week than Sundays. Since the weekend there has been a lively discussion on the topic. The independent German-language daily Der Nordschleswiger sees this as a worthwhile initiative: "Instead of criticising and resisting the trend, the church representatives are taking a constructive approach to the problem. This is commendable, and a sign that the Church is trying to keep up with social developments. The question, however, is whether it will work. ... Any business which was losing its customers would find a new concept to lure them back. It doesn't matter what concrete action the Church takes to sell itself better - whether it's changing its opening hours or changing its content. The main thing is that it takes a modern and constructive approach to the problem."

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