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Ninova, Maria

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Duma - Bulgaria | 01/10/2013

Toilet theft exemplifies Bulgaria's decline

Since the July opening of Bulgaria's first completed motorway from Sofia to Burgas on the Black Sea, chemical toilets at the rest stops have been disappearing on a regular basis. That speaks volumes about the state of the country, the daily Duma writes: "From day to day it's becoming increasingly clear what an absurd country we live in. Our politicians are absurd, the people are absurd, and as if that wasn't enough, now even the thieves have gone crazy as well. I mean, you can't even have a few moments of peace in a public loo without being afraid of being carted off, toilet and all. The state of a society isn't only measured by the people's dreams, but also by what they choose to steal. Across the world paintings, jewellery and works of art are being stolen. In Bulgaria, by contrast, the thieves have their eyes glued on the toilets. How much lower can Bulgaria sink when the police have to spend their time running after after the country's sanitary facilities? ... Or have you ever heard of people stealing toilets in other European countries?"

Duma - Bulgaria | 07/01/2013

Bulgaria's president must admit blunder

During his new year's address the Bulgarian President Rossen Plevniev enthused about Bulgaria's natural scenery while in the background a picture of the US Rocky Mountains was on show. On Friday he rejected the criticism of himself and his office this drew from the media as a lack of respect. The daily Duma sees this as a cowardly stance: "First he remained silent on his blunder for several days and now he's blaming us, the critics. So we have a president who assumes no responsibility for his own gaffes. And society is supposed to pay for this. The president has no right to be angry with his people. It is his job to unite them. On the other hand every citizen has the inviolable right to criticise his elected politicians, without being insulted and accused of lacking respect for the state for doing so."

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