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Nilsen, Nicolas

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Contrepoints - France | 12/06/2014

Hollande's pretty words won't help France

French President François Hollande has received considerable praise for his words at the D-Day commemoration ceremony last Friday. But instead of talking about the past he'd do better to tackle the problems of today, blogger Nicolas Nilsen writes in the liberal online magazine Contrepoints: "Perhaps you haven't noticed, but we're now seeing a rapid rise in the number of ceremonies and commemorations: the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, the abolition of slavery, the landing of the Allies on June 6, Oradour [the site of a massacre committed by the German Waffen SS against the French population]. ... The less action the president takes, the more monotone speeches he delivers. But it's one thing to spout fine words and commemorate the past and quite another to be victorious in today's battles, which are no longer military but economic. To do that we need men of stature, determination and courage. ... And from that perspective our normal president doesn't have the best weapons."

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