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Nilles, Roger

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Luxemburger Wort - Luxembourg | 26/09/2008

The value of education

Education is the key to the future, argues Roger Nilles in the daily Luxemburger Wort: "According to this [maxim] it's possible to tell from an early stage in an individual's life whether he's on ... the winning or the losing side of life - provided you define success in terms of knowledge, skills and opportunities. The maxim 'Knowledge is power' proves true and thus causes difficulties not only for the many people with a 'migration background'. ... If in a globalised and complex context, education determines who (helps) shape the future and who gets left behind because of lacking education ... the full extent of the mandate of schools and other educational institutions becomes clear. ... In addition to willingness to reform, preparing the members of tomorrow's society for adult life requires full commitment, joy in one's work and a good measure of idealism. ... We see many examples of how non-functioning educational structures lead to mismanagement of a country in the 'third world' countries. ... Education ... should nonetheless not be left to schools alone. It must be nurtured at home, in one's free time and in everyday life through appropriate medial or cultural and social activities."

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