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Nikos, Mouzelis

London School of Economics, Sociology Professor

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To Vima Online - Greece | 28/02/2011

Hunger strike calls for quick mediation

Around 300 migrants without resident's permits have been on a hunger strike for 36 days in Athens and Thessaloniki. The strikers, many of whom have worked illegally in Greece for years, are demanding legal resident's status, something the Greek government has ruled out so far. In the online edition of the left-liberal daily To Vima sociologist Nikos Mouzelis calls on the government to appoint a mediator, and fast: "Soon there will be deaths. Over and above the human tragedy, that would be a catastrophe for the government and the country. The conflict must be resolved with the help of a mediator, someone who is accepted by both parties and can establish a dialogue between migrants and the government. This mediator may have a constitutional status (for example chairman of the national human rights commission), but that need not be the case. The most important thing is that such a person should be impartial. ... We have no time to lose."

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