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Nikos, Chatzinikolaou

Real News, Greece

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Real News - Greece | 11/11/2013

Athens' needless party squabbling

The Greek parliament rejected a motion of no confidence against Antonis Samaras' government proposed by the left-wing opposition alliance Syriza on Sunday evening. The liberal daily Real News appeals to the parties to work together in the crisis: "Our politicians bear a heavy responsibility: they must find common ground in order to negotiate with the creditors. They must convey an image of national unity for the good of Greek society. Once they have found a way out of the austerity dictates, thrown the troika out of the country and led Greece out of the vicious circle of recession and unemployment they can start with their meaningless drivel and cheap shows again. And Greek society, which by now knows full well that the crisis in Greece is mainly of a political nature, should decide whether it wants to put up with these politicians or not."

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