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Nikolova, Milena

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Duma - Bulgaria | 21/08/2014

Sofia looks like Serbia after the war

Sofia has applied to be designated European Capital of Culture 2019. But Bulgaria's shabby capital certainly doesn't deserve the title, the socialist daily Duma complains: "People who come here to admire our wonderful culture are more likely to be reminded of Serbia after the war. Sofia's streets are peppered with so many potholes it looks like they've been bombed. It's only thanks to socialism that we have pavements, otherwise we would still be wading through mud. ... There's a lack of traffic lights and zebra crossings everywhere but in the city centre. ... It's not the city's inhabitants who are to blame; they do what they can: fill in the potholes with rubble, paint their houses in all different colours, pave the entrances to their homes. They plant trees and flowers to try and hide the fact that the streets are getting more and more ugly because no one else looks after them. Sofia doesn't look like a capital at all, never mind a European capital."

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