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Nikolova, Irena

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Trud - Bulgaria | 07/02/2012

Academics must emigrate for cleaning jobs

Eight women with university degrees have applied without success for a cleaning job at the prosecutor's office in the northern Bulgarian city of Pleven. If academics can't even get cleaning jobs there's no alternative but to emigrate, writes the daily Trud: "In times of crisis and rising unemployment a growing number of people are willing to take on any job they can get just to survive. It's most difficult for university graduates and young people. Hundreds of thousands of them now scour the country for work - a completely new trend in Bulgaria, which would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Nevertheless the decision by Pleven's prosecutor's office is logical. They're looking for a cleaning lady, not an expert in economics or finance. So the 'superfluous' graduates and many other young Bulgarians have no other choice but Terminal 2 at Sophia Airport. No doubt our academics will get jobs as cleaning staff abroad."

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