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Nikolova, Adelina

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Novinar - Bulgaria | 13/06/2011

Discipline Sofia's pedestrians properly

The traffic police in Sofia plan to introduce controls and fines to stop pedestrians from crossing the road when traffic lights are red or jaywalking. With this action the police are reacting to the increase in pedestrian deaths in Bulgaria's capital city. But this disciplinary measure is only planned for the short term, the daily Novinar complains: "The old saying that Bulgarians only become reasonable once you hit their wallets is true. But will there be enough police officers to issue all the penalty notices? At some locations where crossing the road is absolutely forbidden, 20 to 30 pedestrians often swarm around in all different directions. This pedestrian initiative is a great idea but it only lasts a week. ... What we need are constant measures, high fines, proper guidance for the youngest pedestrians and uncompromising police officers." 

Novinar - Bulgaria | 18/07/2010

Prostitution must remain illegal

The Bulgarian police launched a major raid against prostitutes on the Black Sea last weekend. Adelina Nikolova fears in the daily Novinar that this will reignite the debate about a prostitution law: "I am certainly in favour of healthy prostitutes who can go about their daily work under comfortable and hygienic conditions in brothels and pay their little contribution to the state at the end of the year, which is then invested in sex education for children, for example. That's all very well. But we shouldn't forget that these women didn't choose this path because it was their childhood dream. … Sexual exploitation is a crime. It would be absurd to legalise the business with carnal desire and levy taxes on sexual services. Everything must be done to catch the pimps. Who knows how many young girls believed their stories and ruined their chances of ever leading a normal life as a result."

Novinar - Bulgaria | 14/07/2010

Bulgaria's ex-prime minister on trial for nothing at all

The Bulgarian prosecutor's office on Wednesday brought charges against socialist opposition leader Sergei Stanishev for allegedly misappropriating confidential files of the security service DANS during his term in office as prime minister. The daily Novinar senses a media spectacle brewing and proposes the following scenario: "Stanichev's upcoming trial will be given various names: mega-trial, emblematic trial, perhaps even scandal trial. Dozens of cameras will line up in front of the courthouse to await his every appearance. As a true politician he will answer every question with patience, as he has always done. The court will evolve into a political arena. ... Incidentally the trial against [his interior minister] Rumen Petkov was also very much a spectacle - with cameras flashing and a hail of questions, accusations and indictments. In the end he was acquitted and suddenly the storm passed. Much ado about nothing. And we can expect the same thing this time around."

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