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Nikolov, Yavor

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Webcafé - Bulgaria | 14/11/2013

Sofia risks escalating violence

Bulgaria's ruling coalition comprising the Socialists and the ethnic Turkish party has announced a mass rally in Sofia for Saturday. Up to 50,000 supporters are expected to attend. The government runs the risk of aggravating an already explosive situation, the opinion portal Webcafé writes with an eye to the student protests and the football match between Sofia's rival teams Levski and CSKA on the same day: "In the past weeks the fans of the two clubs have been waging all out war - hurling pipes and stones at each other and attacking each other's buses. ... On top of that we have the political confrontations where huge brawls are more or less inevitable. What will happen next is clear: 'The situation is out of control, we have no choice!' Police, batons, water cannons, arrests, the [occupied] university is stormed. 'The government must lead Bulgaria out of its deep moral crisis!' And so on. ... All just a bad joke!"

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