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Nikolov, Dragomir

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Sega - Bulgaria | 22/05/2009

EU agriculture policy financed the wrong people

The EU has always been generous to farmers, writes the daily Sega, pointing out that in 2007 alone it allocated over 245 million euros to agriculture in Bulgaria: "Nevertheless it has emerged that in addition to financing the big farmers, the money also went to people who were already under investigation, for example extra-diligent wives of MPs, and white collar farmers who had been in power for a while before retiring. ... This is so not only because farmers were tolerated who cheated in the registration of their acreage, but also because in many cases false data was entered simply as a result of bureaucratic blunders. As a result of all these disgraces, the Commission now has until the end of June to reclaim between 10 and 100 percent of the aid granted, and can penalise future budgets."

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