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Nikolopulos, Grigoris

journalist To Vima

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To Vima Online - Greece | 27/05/2008

Superbears - markets in crisis

Grigoris Nikolopulos comments in To Vima on the new term "superbears" which turned up recently in the stock market world. "The term 'bears' symbolised a weak market. The new term 'superbears' is certainly more worrying. The Morgan Stanley investment bank, which coined the term, uses it to describe a market that is in crisis. Why are analysts panicking? Apparently they can see that an economic recession is inevitable. ... The markets are initially overrated, then a 'bear market' follows, which 14 years later ends with undervalued stock. According to this logic the 'bear market' that began 8 years ago has not [yet] come to an end ... and share prices could fall by a further 50 percent over the next five years."

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