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Nikolas, Nikolas

Charavgi, Cyprus

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Haravgi - Cyprus | 18/08/2009

French law on opening hours violates workers' rights

A new law on opening hours was introduced in France this week. Shops will now be allowed to stay open on Sundays in tourist destinations and trading areas. Nikolas Nikolas comments in the left-wing daily Haravgi: "The argument of those on the right was that in the crisis of capitalism it is important to boost trade, the economy and tourism. The centre-left and left parties reacted vehemently, pointing out that this law would change social conditions in the country. But this is not the first law passed by the French government directed against workers' rights. ... The relaxation of the regulations stipulating that Sunday should be a day of rest has to do with Brussels' desire to make the labour market more flexible throughout Europe. This accords with the persistent attempts of the representatives of capitalism to make the workers pay the price for the global crisis of capitalism - under the pretext of protecting the economy. In reality, however, workers' rights are being subjected to new liberal attacks and millions of workers are being made redundant in the name of the crisis by capital that is continuing to make a profit."

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