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Nikolakopoulos, Dimitris

To Vima-Online, Greece

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To Vima Online - Greece | 29/09/2012

Greek fascists as employment agents

The Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn plans to set up an employment agency dedicated to finding jobs for Greek citizens only. The left-liberal online paper To Vima is not surprised: "After opening soup kitchens just for Greeks, setting up blood donation groups for Greek patients only and persecuting immigrants, the Golden Dawn party has now announced plans to found an employment agency just for Greeks. It is counting on the unemployment rate, which has leapt because of the recession, to boost its 'social profile' - just as it has exploited the economic crisis to gain a foothold in politics. This is nothing new: the same recipe was already applied by Hitler, who based his policy on the humiliation suffered by the German people through the [harsh] terms imposed by the Treaty of Versailles, exploiting the economic misery of people living in Germany. He invested in the idea of racial purity and the persecution of the Jews to rise to power."

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