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Nikitim, Vadim

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 15/12/2015

Recognise IS caliphate as a state

Integrating the "caliphate" declared by the IS fighters in Syria and Iraq into the international diplomatic system would force the Islamists to be less brutal in their approach, argues the centre-left daily The Independent: "History shows that diplomatic recognition of extremist governments can make them more likely to moderate their behaviour. While pariahs are able behave with impunity, when brought within the international system, they become subject to constraints. ... [The IS] now controls significant territory, governs a population of up to 10 million, operates an increasingly sophisticated civil service bureaucracy and has largely established a monopoly on violence. Only by accepting reality and extending diplomatic recognition to Isis can the West hope to gain a credible means to moderate and constrain its further advance."

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