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Nigro, Vincenzo

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La Repubblica - Italy | 06/08/2010

Dictators at pains to maintain good reputation

British PR agencies are raking in great sums for improving the image of dictators, writes the left-liberal daily La Repubblica, commenting on the trial against former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor in The Hague: "It's as if an army of fairies had silently taken up their magic wands in his service in London. Overnight they try to transform bloody dictators into political leaders with vision, and greedy, kleptomaniac presidents into wise and balanced heads of state. They polish up the international image of governments and dictators which kill people at will at home yet go around the world asking banks for loans and governments for backing. ... Not all governments talk openly about their relations with PR agencies, out of fear that their efforts will be spoiled. ... But the goal is always the same - a makeover for the country and its political leadership."

La Repubblica - Italy | 30/11/2009

Escalation in the nuclear dispute with Iran

After the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) last Friday demanded that Iran halt the construction of a new uranium enrichment plant the Iranian government announced on the weekend plans to build ten more such plants. The left-liberal daily La Repubblica analyses the conflict: "An unbelievable political escalation: This is what the Iranian response to the IAEA's resolution means. The latter had accused Tehran of lacking cooperation on the nuclear issue on Friday. … The nuclear dispute has polarised Iran's political world: Following the IAEA's condemnation 226 out of 290 [Iranian] MPs signed a resolution demanding that the government reduce its cooperation with the IAEA. This hard line approach had the strong backing of parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani, among others."

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