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Nielsen, Peter

Lektor an der Universität in Roskilde.

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Information - Denmark | 18/06/2009

Peter Nielsen on the role of the media in politics

Political scientist Peter Nielsen reflects on the visibility of politicians in a piece for the left-wing daily Information: "Invisibility is silent death for established political players, and new players don't have a hope of reaching a position in the political game without visibility. … If media are the central political institutions, this automatically makes media mechanisms political. The media reproduce political power by making it visible. It is the political decisions and key political players who appear on the media's display. Those in power and the competing opposition are constantly bathing in the limelight. … [In Denmark] the opposition suffered for a long time from invisibility and negative attention as a result of internal struggles. It was only with the closely-knit and smooth S-SF Alliance [between the Social Democrats and the Socialist People's Party] that a certain balance was achieved regarding visibility. … The speed of the media dominates the political process and forces politicians to constantly adjust to new developments."

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