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Niederndorfer, Florian

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Der Standard - Austria | 15/12/2012

US gun laws not sacrosanct

The US firearms legislation dates back to a time when people had very different ideas regarding guns, the left-liberal daily Der Standard comments, calling for swift reforms: "When the right to own a weapon was enshrined in the US constitution per amendment 221 years ago to the day, the only weapons the authors knew about were simple muzzle-loader pistols and rifles, nothing like the highly efficient killing instruments that are hoarded in the millions in houses between Maine and Texas today. A civilised, 21st-century society does not need to keep semi-automatic assault rifles like the one used by the mass murderer in Newton in the bedroom cupboard to quell its appetite for freedom. What it needs now is a fundamental transformation, and the understanding that liberal gun laws and private arms races will not make the world a safer place. On the contrary. The newly re-elected President Barack Obama must attempt with every means at his disposal to reform the hopelessly antiquated weapons laws, which are by no means sacrosanct in the US."

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