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Niculescu, Luca

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1.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 23/12/2008

Romanian TV station taken off air in the Republic of Moldova

A few months before the parliamentary elections the broadcasting council in the Republic of Moldova has not automatically extended the broadcasting ... » more

2.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 12/11/2008

The election business

Romanians will elect a new parliament on November 30. Whereas electoral finances are made public in the US, things are different in Romania, writes the ... » more

3.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 15/05/2008

Romanians in Italy contemplate going home

Most Roma living in Italy come from Romania, Luca Niculescu writes, adding that owing to the hostile climate in Italy many now want to return ... » more

4.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 09/05/2008

Optimistic Europe

Luca Niculescu refers to a study put out by the Robert-Schuman-Stiftung on Europe Day: "In general, Europeans have a good opinion of Europe. Two thirds ... » more

5.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 29/01/2008

With Nokia, Romania catches up to the west

People called it "caravan capitalism," when Nokia announced it would close its factory in Bochum and move production to Romania. Germans were incensed, Romanians ecstatic. ... » more

6.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 24/01/2008

Is Romania threatened with EU sanctions?

At the end of January, the EU Commission is to publish a new, interim progress report on justice reform in Romania. By June, the commission ... » more


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