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Nicu, Dan

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Adevârul - Romania | 15/11/2015

Bucharest must review loans for Moldova

A loan of 150 million euros from Romania to its insolvent neighbour Moldova is in jeopardy because Romanian President Klaus Iohannis refused to put his signature to it last week and sent it back to parliament instead. Political analyst Dan Nicu approves of the decision on his blog for the centre-right daily Adevărul: "Romania's money is meant to keep Moldova's head above water. But like many other loans, international grants and bank funds that have simply been stolen, it could itself disappear. ... At the same time, the money is important to prevent the Republic of Moldova from going bankrupt. The Romanian president's gesture must be understood in Chişinău to mean that we will no longer give the Republic of Moldova everything it wants without setting conditions of our own."

Blog Adevărul - Romania | 19/02/2015

New government further destabilises Moldova

Two and a half months after the parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova the parliament has elected Chiril Gaburici as prime minister. The businessman will head a minority government comprising Liberal Democrats and Democrats. The country's political instability could cause problems that extend beyond the economy, political scientist Dan Nicu writes in the blog of the liberal-conservative daily Adevărul: "Already there are suspicions that the Banca de Economii has taken 17 billion lei [just under 800 million euros] from the financial markets, converted it into foreign currencies and taken it out of the country - a reason for the huge drop in the value of the leu. It's entirely possible that the management of the National Bank also earned a pretty penny with this deal: after all, it did nothing to stop it. And the population is forced to look on while their savings and income lose value and food prices spiral upwards. ... Ultimately the Republic of Moldova will turn its back on Western Europe. ... That, however, will lead to social tensions and protests that could culminate in violence."

Adevârul - Romania | 21/01/2014

Russia using Gagauzia as a pawn

In the Republic of Moldova the parliament of the autonomous region of Gagauzia will meet with government representatives from Chişinău for discussions starting today, Tuesday. On the agenda is a referendum with which Gagauzia will decide whether to join the Russian Customs Union, planned for February 2. The Romanian sociologist Dan Nicu draws a parallel with Ukraine in the blog of the liberal-conservative daily Adevărul: "This year Russia will use Gagauzia to block Chişinău's efforts to sign an association agreement with the EU. What the eastern industrial region - which forms an organic part of the Russian market - is to Ukraine, the south is to the Republic of Moldova. Transnistria has lost its deterrent potential because it's already a secessionist region with no recognised status. The autonomous region of Gagauzia, by contrast, could turn definitively against Chişinău. Then the Russians would have a second pawn for exerting pressure - one that would be far more effective."

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