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Nicolae, Andreea

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România Liberâ - Romania | 12/08/2014

Romania's strange pity with the corrupt

After the sentencing of Dan Voiculescu, 3,000 people made a show of sympathy with the media mogul in Bucharest on Sunday. Voiculescu's television station Antena 3 had called for the demonstration. This is a crazy world, the conservative daily România Liberă comments mystified: "In a normal country the press and public would have reacted simply to the verdict: the facts would have been presented. ... No one would have shown sympathy with the corrupt, or insulted the prosecutors and judges who dealt with the case. Perhaps a few citizens would have even experienced a sense of pride to see that the judiciary is functioning and that they live in a land where people can't just do as they please. ... But worst of all is that the surveys show that corruption is one of our main problems. We fear corruption, we hate the corrupt who have made the country desperately poor and lined their own pockets. But in the end we complain when they are called to account for their crimes."

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