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Nicholson, Tom

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1.  Sme - Slovakia | 25/06/2015

Spying is standard practice

France is just pretending to be angry about the NSA's syping, the liberal daily Sme writes, pointing out that such practices are standard among the ... » more

2.  Sme - Slovakia | 16/06/2015

Old Nato members leave new ones in the lurch

The US's plans to station heavy weaponry in Eastern Europe and the Baltic region are commendable, the liberal daily Sme comments, but it doubts that ... » more

3.  Sme - Slovakia | 10/06/2015

US doesn't even want to fight the IS

A year after Mosul's takeover by the IS terrorists US President Barack Obama admitted on Monday that his government still doesn't have a clear strategy ... » more

4.  Sme - Slovakia | 08/06/2015

Laid-back Obama no help to Europe

Angela Merkel und Barack Obama met up for a snack and a beer in the Bavarian village of Krün ahead of the G7 summit. But ... » more

5.  Sme - Slovakia | 05/06/2015

Only Obama can achieve peace in Ukraine

Massive fighting has once again broken out in eastern Ukraine, and been condemned by the EU Commission as the worst violation of the Minsk ceasefire ... » more

6.  Sme - Slovakia | 29/04/2015

Rebellion of the hopeless

The riots in Baltimore were sparked by the death of a young black man, but the underlying causes are inequality and hopelessness, the liberal daily ... » more

7.  Sme - Slovakia | 16/02/2015

West should tone down criticism of religion

The terrorist attack in Copenhagen will only fuel hatred among religions, the liberal daily Sme fears and calls on the West to be more sensitive ... » more


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