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Neykova, Alyona

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Duma - Bulgaria | 15/01/2014

Russians must live with Eurovision's provocation

The nomination of the Austrian transvestite Tom Neuwirth, alias Conchita Wurst, for the Eurovison Song Contest in Copenhagen has provoked an outcry in Russia and Belarus. The planned performance of the 25-year-old singer is offensive and unacceptable, citizens' initiatives have claimed, and are calling for the competition to be boycotted. The pro-Russian daily Duma can understand the criticism, but appeals for calm: "Have the defenders of moral rectitude forgotten the hot and heavy lesbian kiss by the Finnish singer Krista Siegfrids at the 2013 ESC? Or the triumph of [the Israeli transsexual] Dana International in 1998? ... And what about the scandal girl duo t.A.T.u., that represented Russia in 2003 [who kissed each other on stage]? The puritans would no doubt like to forget all this! There's nothing wrong with certain countries fighting for the morals of their citizens by upholding family values and the traditional relationship between man and woman. But why do they have to attack Eurovision participants who think differently?"

Duma - Bulgaria | 26/11/2013

Bulgaria right to snub Eurovision

After Serbia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus and Slovakia, Bulgaria has also announced that it will not take part in the 2014 European Song Contest, the state television BNT reported on Friday. Finally an end to the pointless spending, the daily Duma writes in delight: "Bulgaria's pull-out hardly comes as a surprise. The vain attempts to cut a good figure in the Song Contest have cost our country dearly - both in terms of money from the state television BNT and in terms of the emotions of local viewers. After nine attempts we only succeeded in making it into the finals once, in 2007, when we came fifth with Elitsa and Stundschi. ... In view of the TV station's tight budget, the decision not to take part in 2014 was the obvious one. No one can blame the station's director general for the decision. Instead of spending millions on a European music competition which we can't win in any event, it makes more sense to spend the money on more important projects."

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