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Newell, James

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Blog EUROPP - United Kingdom | 17/02/2014

New PM must succeed

The designated head of the Italian government Matteo Renzi must save Italy from sliding into a crisis without precedent, political analysts Arianna Giovannini and James L. Newell comment on the London School of Economics' EUROPP blog: "Finally, therefore, if Renzi fails in his reform programme, if he fails to reduce the pressures of Italian citizens' disenchantment, lack of trust and occasional overt rejection of their political class, then the consequences could be very serious indeed: not just for himself and his party but for the political system as a whole. As the Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari points out, referencing a well-known song from the 1930s, before long Italy and Renzi may be heading for 'stormy weather'."

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