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Neudorf, Raigo

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Postimees - Estonia | 31/03/2010

Estonian firms use the crisis to exploit workers

Whereas in the former boom workers were in short supply in Estonia, the opposite is the case in these times of economic crisis. This situation is being unfairly exploited by some employers, writes the daily Postimees: "Lay-offs should always be the last step, taken only when there's no other way for a company to survive. In such circumstances it's certainly better to let part of the personnel go than to risk running the company aground and putting all its employees on the dole. Nevertheless it must be said that in these hard times some employers are exploiting their position of power to the detriment of their workforce. No end of horrific stories are circulating about how bosses are reaping advantages from these difficult times and literally terrorising their employees. Lay-offs and pay cuts are already the sad reality for many, but some companies are resorting to far more drastic measures."

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