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Németh, Péter

ungarischer Journalist

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Népszava - Hungary | 27/10/2015

Hungary happy with semi-dictator Orbán

The broad majority of people in Hungary are happy with Orbán's autocratic system, writes journalist Péter Németh in the opposition left-wing daily Népszava observes: "[Ex-prime minister Ferenc] Gyurcsány gave his latest piece of polemic writing the title 'The Hungary of many People'. With that title he expressed the following: the majority of Hungary shares the views contained in his book while only a minority approves of the current situation under Orbán. … For my part I have serious doubt as regards the title. The democratic Hungary of many people Gyurcsány describes and wants does not exist. The majority of people have no interest in a democratic system, not to mention any 'checks and balances'. And this is precisely what Orbán is exploiting with his authoritarian, semi-dictatorial system. … The many people of whom Gyurcsány speaks want Orbán's Hungary."

Népszava - Hungary | 13/10/2014

Fidesz triumphs thanks to left's weakness

Hungary's right-wing conservative governing party Fidesz won a sweeping victory in nationwide municipal elections on Sunday. The left's big losses this year in the parliamentary, European and local elections are mainly the result of its representatives' inability to present a serious and powerful alternative, the left-leaning daily Népszava believes: "With this election we've finally made it through this year with all its failed attempts, amateurism and disappointments. ... Yes: there was no reason to vote for this left. It was simply unable to put itself in a favourable light, to connect with people and attract new voters. Although it did have chances for a victory in the capital Budapest in April, after that it took a series of bad decisions, chose the wrong candidates and drew the wrong conclusions from its results. In short: its politicians simply didn't have what it takes."

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