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Nelson, Fraser

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The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 17/01/2013

Tories must fight, not resign

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Thursday that he would not deliver his speech on Britain's future in the EU on Friday, as planned, but postpone it because of the hostage crisis in Algeria. The conservative daily sees Cameron's zigzag path as symptomatic for his entire party: "Perhaps the biggest Tory failing, so far, has been to look at the future with a feeling of fatalism and resignation. When the economic headwinds strengthened, Osborne should have doubled his resolve rather than abandon his deficit target. And if the polls and pundits point to a Tory defeat, then it's a comment on the party as it is now; bolder, stronger Conservatives with a clearer message would meet a different fate. As Mr Osborne told the activists on Wednesday, there are two long years to the next election - and a big choice to be made, one that involves more than a European referendum. There is a great deal that can still be done before the Tories start mourning their lost majority."

The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 07/12/2012

UK loses a decade

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne on Wednesday presented the budget for 2013. The conservative paper The Daily Telegraph fears that young job seekers will be hardest hit by the planned austerity measures: "There was precious little in George Osborne's Autumn Statement on Wednesday to hearten them. The Chancellor's political positioning was deft, as ever. But the economic outlook contained in his forecasts is dire. Britain has now been plunged into a Japanese-style 'lost decade'; the average wage in 2018 will be the same as in 2008. And that's if all goes as planned. Even these figures don't account for the worst of it: youth unemployment is at a scandalous 963,000. It is becoming a national emergency."

The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 27/09/2012

Cameron's rich tax just window dressing

The plan of the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne to introduce a special wealth tax is no more than a ploy to make the Conservative government look less elitist, the conservative paper The Daily Telegraph writes: "The idea of taxing wealth is dangerously seductive, even to some on the Right. This recession seems to have left the ultra-rich unscathed, if sales of luxury goods and expensive houses are anything to go by. Osborne has already gone after the non-doms, to much acclaim, and believes visibly taxing the wealthy makes his cuts more palatable to the masses. Tactically, anti-rich policies offer a defence from the charge the Cameroons fear most: that they are a bunch of rich kids, governing for the rich."

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