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Nelles, Roland

Spiegel Online

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Spiegel Online - Germany | 30/01/2014

Merkel begins third term without aims

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made her first policy statement since her re-election on Wednesday. The news portal Spiegel Online was bored stiff: "Merkel's message is simply: Germany's doing well, everyone's doing well. I'm doing well. Let's keep it up. What Merkel is clearly lacking as she launches into her third term as chancellor is an issue she can stand for: in her first term as chancellor it was climate protection, in her second it was the euro crisis. But what now? ... Angela Merkel is firmly entrenched in the chancellor's office. Never was her power so great. At the same time it's entirely possible that she's in the autumn of her chancellorship. [Defence Minister] Ursula von der Leyen is clearly warming up to become her successor. ... The day will come when the voters yearn for change, new ideas and fresh impetus. It took 16 years to reach that point with Helmut Kohl. In these new, fast-moving times it may come far sooner. Her policy statement is certainly an indication of that."

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