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Neirynck, Jacques

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L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 14/05/2014

Swiss need to be driven out of Paradise

The New European Movement Switzerland wants to convince the Swiss to join the EU, and gathered arguments to this effect on Sunday. Jacques Neirynck describes on his blog for the weekly magazne L'Hebdo what it would take to bring the Swiss around: "There's no need to wait for a repetition of the two world wars. ...  Or for an invasion by Muslim armies. But we do face attacks on our computer systems, terrorist attacks, the temptation to trust a charismatic leader, climate change, competition from the emerging economies, Russian and American imperialism. To ward off all real threats, joining the EU constitutes a more credible alternative than xenophobic initiatives, the rejection of genetic engineering or the purchase of a squadron of fighter jets. But the Swiss will only understand this after a traumatic experience. That's how a person - or a nation - grows up."

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