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Nehls, Thomas

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Germany | 05/04/2012

Criticism of Grass is exaggerated

Writing on the news portal, Thomas Nehls is appalled at the furious reactions to Nobel laureate Günter Grass's criticism of Israel: "Virtually none of the comments point out that the Nobel laureate definitely wants the Iranian nuclear facilities to be subjected to unimpeded, permanent and international controls. But he also wants the same for the Israeli nuclear weapons arsenal which has existed for some time now. … Most Grass opponents are frothing at the mouth and acting like the president of the German-Israeli Society, Reinhold Robbe, claims he is acting, namely in ignorance of the political situation in the Middle East. … One of the German state's main commitments is (not just understandably but also fortunately) to help secure Israel's existence. The prose poem by Günter Grass can and should help the country to fulfil this obligation. True, it must be interpreted in the right way. And not as a tool for making nasty accusations."

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