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Negrea, Stelian

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Voxpublica - Romania | 16/08/2015

Romania punishes honest public servants

A senior employee of the Romanian road construction authority has lost his job after he reported on corrupt practices at the authority in a television interview. Such whistleblowers must be protected, demands journalist Stelian Negrea in the blog portal Voxpublica: "Asked whether bribes were common practice at the road construction authority he said some of the authority's directors had houses larger than Versailles Palace even though they had worked for the state their whole lives. Such an explanation is an invitation for the anti-corruption authority and for journalists to examine these cases. A normal society would reward and protect a public servant who exposed corruption and the wasting of public money. … The employee shouldn't be punished the way he was by the directors of the road construction authority, who immediately fired him and two of his colleagues."

Voxpublica - Romania | 19/07/2015

Ikea must maintain standards, even in Romania

The Swedish company Ikea last week purchased 33,000 hectares of woodland in Romania - in an area that has hit the headlines in the past due to a corruption scandal. On the blog portal Voxpulica journalist Stelian Negrea demands more propriety from Ikea: "The products from Ikea are for us, the new middle class, a status symbol that we fight for every day. … Would we sacrifice all this because Ikea has bought 33,000 hectares from disreputable businessmen, who got their hands on this woodland though dodgy dealings? … Of course Ikea's website lists corporate standards that would have you believe that not a single Swedish lightbulb has ever breached a business regulation. … You say that Ikea has every right to make as much profit as possible. But the whole point of these business standards is to keep companies in line with public interests and to prevent them from making a profit at any cost."

Voxpublica - Romania | 19/06/2014

Romanians right to be afraid in Europe

A 16-year-old Roma boy was found unconscious in a Paris suburb on Friday and is now in a state of coma. The results of the investigation so far indicate that he was brutally attacked by residents who took the law into their own hands after they caught him stealing. This incident could lead to copycat crimes, journalist Stelian Negrea fears on blog portal Voxpublica: "The case of the Roma boy painfully highlights once more how badly the Romanians are treated in the civilised West. ... The rise of extremism in Europe reached its apex with the victory of the extremist parties in the European elections. Cases like this can trigger a wave of racism and xenophobia across Europe and the Romanian Roma, as well as Romanian society, would be the perfect victims. The former are accused of stealing, the latter of 'stealing' jobs or 'illegally' applying for social benefits to which only Western Europeans are entitled."

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