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Neefs, Evita

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De Standaard - Belgium | 01/07/2011

More own revenues means more independence

For the European Union to have its own taxes is a good idea, because it will make the EU less dependent on member states, writes the Flemish daily De Standaard: "If the EU has more of its own revenue sources, it will be less tempting for the member states to work out whether they are getting the equivalent value back for their contributions. In this way a continual source of friction and demagogy will dry up. ... Many people have been under the impression in the past two years that the European project is crumbling and that the national states are demanding a return of their power. In fact there has been plenty of discussion, but it always centred around additional powers for Europe. It was never a question of curtailing powers it already has. The current budget proposal by the European Commission is another step forward. Even if it doesn't emerge unscathed from the negotiations with the member states, it demonstrates ambition and courage, which Europe is very badly in need of at the moment."

De Standaard - Belgium | 27/08/2009

Washington loses a bridge builder

Edward Kennedy was not a saint, writes the left-liberal daily De Standaard. But he was a symbol for the socially-minded and progressive US politicians who refused to consider solidarity un-American: "With Kennedy Washington has lost one of its last great bridge builders, a politician ready to seek consensus in the political centre. Such willingness is rare in the US, where decision-making is often crippled by fierce polarisation. Issue-related discussions degenerate into rants. Reforms that are necessary for the well-being of millions are dashed by a njet from ideologists. This is now threatening the fate of healthcare reform, Kennedy's life work ... which he hoped a new Democratic president would consummate. Passing a law that would give all Americans access to affordable and quality healthcare would be the most fitting tribute to the late senator."

De Standaard - Belgium | 17/08/2009

Obama seeks a way out of the impasse

US Senator Jim Webb has been able to secure the release of his countryman John Yettaw during his visit to Myanmar. Yettaw was allegedly taken in by the Myanmarian opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who is under house arrest. The left-liberal daily De Standaard compares the case with ex-president Bill Clinton's visit to North Korea: "The new approach is not welcomed by all. Both regimes are particularly cruel and visits like those of Clinton and Webb - and commitment in general - can be interpreted as signs of respect or even approval. … But sanctions and sentences only have an impact if the international community joins forces and the penalties are not evaded. And this is seldom the case, as the recent sentencing of the Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi highlighted. … Perhaps Obama's attempts will come to nothing but at least he's looking for a way out of the impasse."

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