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Nedelchev, Mihail

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Trud - Bulgaria | 04/12/2010

Bulgarian MPs open to bribes

Bulgarian journalists pretending to be representatives of a mobile phone manufacturer invited MPs to participate in the presentation of a luxury mobile phone during an important parliamentary sitting. In return for their participation they were to receive a mobile phone worth around 3,000 euros. 16 of the 38 invited MPs took the bait. The daily Trud is not surprised: "These people don't sit in parliament to serve society. ... They become MPs to line their pockets. They receive large salaries, are invited everywhere, presented with gifts and driven around in government Mercedes. But leaving aside the value of the gifts and the extent of their personal enrichment a psychological mechanism comes to light which can be activated at any time and on any occasion. These people are willing to be corrupted and enter relations which go beyond the norm and normal democratic practices."

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