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Nebesnea, Mariana

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Revista 22 - Romania | 29/08/2012

Merkel's symbolic visit to Moldova

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Republic of Moldova on August 22 and promised the former Soviet republic which shares a border with Romania "European prospects". A historic visit, the conservative magazine Revista 22 comments: "High-ranking politicians from Europe and overseas have visited the Republic of Moldova, which had previously oscillated between East and West, twice in two years since the 2009 change of government in Chişinău and the formation of the Alliance for European Integration [the coalition of pro-Western parties that won the elections in 2009]. Like the visit of the US Vice President [Joe Biden, in 2011], the German Chancellor's visit was the first of its kind since the country declared its independence. Both visits were highly symbolic. They reaffirm the support of Washington and Brussels for the governing coalition in Chişinău's plans to press ahead with the reforms that are necessary for the country to move closer to the EU."

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