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Neamtu, Mihail

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Contributors - Romania | 31/01/2011

Kill Bucharest's stray dogs

Last week in the Romanian capital Bucharest a woman was attacked by stray dogs. The woman died from the bite wounds on Friday, provoking a discussion in Romania about what should be done about street dogs. In his blog in the portal, Mihail Neamtu recommends killing the strays: "In view of the dramas that the street dogs cause, the people of Bucharest need to take decisive action. ... And  politicians in power should put people's security on the agenda. They have ignored this problem until now  because they only experience the streets of the city through the darkened glass of their official cars. The citizens of Bucharest however, are all too familiar with the fear of encountering the snarling beasts in the midnight hour ... and of having their sleep robbed by their barking. ... Which is why the most efficient solution is to kill the street dogs and prevent innocent people meeting terrible deaths from these packs. For human beings, after all, an abandoned dog is a wolf."

Cotidianul - Romania | 24/02/2009

Tax exemption for guardians of cultural heritage?

Cotidianul newspaper comments on a programme announced by Romanian Minister of Culture Theodor Paleologu aimed at preserving the country's cultural heritage. "Paleologu has decided to defy the city planning mafia in Bucharest … . The incoherent return of property after 1989, the incompetence and inertia of countless state institutions ... and the shortsightedness of an economy which is based on immediate profit has led to the degradation of the last remnants of domestic pride and national tradition. We have stood by and watched as dubious permits allowed baroque buildings and boyar villas in southern Romania to be turned into discos and leisure resorts, while archaeological sites were turned into camping sites … . Wooden churches have been dismantled or replaced by cement blocks … . It would therefore be well worthwhile to exempt any private business that wants to invest more in the protection of historic buildings and the restoration of monuments from paying taxes for ten years."

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