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Šēnbergs, Didzis

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lr - Latvia | 22/04/2014

Latvian ice hockey teams up with Putin

Latvia's national ice hockey team played two friendly games against Russia last week in preparation for the Ice Hockey World Championships in Belarus in May. The weekly paper Ir is appalled: "At a time when Russia is challenging Europe to a new Cold War, Latvia organises a friendly game against Russia. This is friendship with a state that supports terrorism. ... The Russian players should be treated as personae non gratae and our players shouldn't have gone on to the ice. ... Any sport fan who went to watch the game has helped Putin to corroborate his legend that all is well in Russia. The viewers in Russia are also led to believe that all is well and that the Latvians approve of Putin's regime when they see the Latvian ice hockey fans with Latvian flags on the stands. ... We don't need this kind of ice hockey, certainly not on Good Friday."

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