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Naydenov, Valeri

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1.  24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 07/12/2015

Cameron needs Borisov to counter Ukip

British Prime Minister David Cameron met with his Bulgarian counterpart Boyko Borisov in Sofia on Thursday. They no doubt talked about limiting the number of ... » more

2.  24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 16/09/2015

Assad clearly the lesser evil

Europe must back Assad's war against the IS militarily if it wants to stop the flood of Syrian refugees, the daily 24 Chasa contends: "Regardless ... » more

3.  24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 29/11/2014

Bulgaria head over heels in debt

Bulgaria wants to more than double its national debt in the coming months. The country will soon join the ranks of the so-called PIGS states, ... » more

4.  24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 30/06/2014

Bank run shows lack of trust among Bulgarians

A bank run took place in Bulgaria on Friday. Under siege from customers demanding their money, the fourth-largest bank in the country, Fibank, was forced ... » more

5.  24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 12/04/2011

Census ignores reality in Sofia

According to the first official results of a census carried out in Bulgaria, 1.3 million people live in the capital Sofia. This can't be true, ... » more

6.  24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 27/06/2010

Bulgaria must nationalise monopolies

Suspicions of tax fraud have prompted Bulgaria's tax officers to search the offices of the country's largest foreign electricity companies, which has come under suspicion ... » more


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