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Navys, Aurimas

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Delfi - Lithuania | 02/09/2015

Lithuanian school children used for propaganda

Many school children from families that belong to the Polish and Russian minorities in Lithuania's Vilnius region protested against worsening education opportunities by not turning up for lessons on Wednesday, and instead attended an exhibition in the centre of the capital instead. It's a disgrace that children are being used to further the interests of politicians with close ties to the Kremlin, the news portal Delfi complains: "These poor children have been robbed of the chance of a happy start to the new school year. Instead of learning the Lithuanian language as every citizen of Lithuania should do, they were forced to miss several days of school and watch the spectacle of Lithuania's Polish election action. It's bad enough that the children are being involved in pseudopolitics that carry the whiff of days gone by. But it's even worse that the Church was also forced to sing along with the Kremlin's propagandist rhetoric."

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