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Navalón, Antonio

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El País - Spain | 02/04/2015

Antonio Navalón on Obama at a crossroads in Mid East policy

The US can't continue its ambiguous stance regarding Iran and Saudi Arabia and will sooner or later have to take sides with one or the other, the historian Antonio Navalón predicts in the left-liberal daily El País: "The US policy seems contradictory, backing Syria and Iran in the morning only to fight Iran to defend Saudi Arabia at night. The Arab world and Islam would never have ended up in this extreme situation without the US's involvement, or in other words Afghanistan and the 9/11 attacks, but now the only way out of this situation is for Barack Obama to take a clear decision and resolve the many contradictions in his policy. Either he decides in favour of a historical agreement with Iran and thus effectively puts it in control of the entire Persian Gulf and the Middle East, or he helps Saudi Arabia against the Shiites and finds a way to change the monarchies and regimes that can no longer survive on their own, as the Arab Spring demonstrated."

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